soul music

My name is Debra Lynn Rodriguez and I am a soul singer, a storyteller, and a stargazer. I am tattooed, often barefoot, and was raised singing in the hills of Appalachia. As a singer, I draw from a deep well of musical tradition. My earliest memories are of singing at my mama’s piano, tambourine in hand. I am heavily influenced by blues, gospel, folk, and rock and roll. It’s those roots along with my own experiences, life in community, and chasing the Big Mystery which most inspire my songwriting. 


After serving nearly a decade as Pastor of Worship and Director of Arts in my local church, I lately find myself collaborating with ALL KINDS of communities to explore themes such as authenticity, inclusion, transformation, and the contemplative life. Throughout the year I visit communities all over the country as well as in various digital spaces to connect with audiences through concerts, talks, and retreats. .

I released my first full-length album of original music in 2015, a second live album in 2018, and I'm all set to release a studio EP of Appalachian Soul Music in Summer 2020. 

Thank you for visiting with me. Please contact me for booking, networking, or just to chat about life! 

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