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Wait... you're a worship leader?

Don't worry. I get that question ALL the time. Yes, you guessed correctly that I'm gay. (Was it the hair? It was, wasn't it?) And YES, you heard correctly that I am a worship leader. Like, in a church. Like, ordained to minister. Like, my wife is a preacher's wife. Yep- my wife. Let it sink in ;)

If you think of folks who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender as being outside the Church, you're kind-of right. We have been left (and pushed!) out of many churches and denominations. Thankfully, that doesn't mean that we are outside of God's family and the community of faith at large. There are many churches where LGBTQA folks are fully embraced and are serving as leaders. There are many more churches who are working to open their arms wider to the LGBTQA community.


Contrary to what some folks seem to imagine, I didn't set out to "become" a lesbian worship leader or to pastor in a church predominately made up of LGBTQA people. I have been working actively in church ministry and missions since I was 15 years old- it's part of who I am. Discovering that I am gay was something that happened as I got older- it's just another part of who I am. Other notable parts are that I am a parent, a coffee drinker, a foodie, and a dog person.


If you're looking for a safe place to come out, let's be friends. If you're looking for ways to widen your embrace and want to ask questions, let's be friends. If you think being a gay worship leader is totally weird, let's still be friends.   

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